Monday, December 11, 2023

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Y'all

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Your RRCo Marshals want to welcome you the the 2023 Cowboy Action Shooting season. Come on out and make some new Pards in the best shooting sport around. Observe, ask questions, and be prepared to be addicted. Come for the shooting, but stay for the camaraderie. Current RRCo members are needed as volunteers for some aspect of each match. Please do your part to pitch in.

Gunfight at CC - VA State SASS Championship Ranger Co Results

Bingo Montana - 1st place Frontier Gunfighter & VA state champ 
Big Gus - Long range pistol and Long range rifle (rifle caliber) 
Capt R Hugh Kidnme - 1st place Silver Senior Duelist & VA state champ 
El Diablo Don - 1st place Elder Statesman & VA state champ 
Major BS Walker - 3rd place Silver Senior & Clean Match 
Marshal PC Wabash - Speed shotgun '87 & Best Dressed Cowboy 
Shorty Kurtz Gisiner - Long range rifle (pistol caliber) 
Tye Riverman - 2nd place Senior & VA state champ 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Shoot Schedule 2024

Mark your calendars. Months without marked start times begin on Winter hour schedule (10:00)

MAR 9 -      
APR 13 - 
MAY 11 - Summer start time
JUN 8 - Summer start time
JUL 13 - Summer start time
AUG 10 - Summer start time
SEP 14 - Summer start time
OCT 12   
NOV 9    
DEC 14 -

We will post details of individual shoots as they near.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cowboy Action Shooting - Is it for me?

What is cowboy action shooting?  A celebration of the Old West. Shootists adopt a period alias, dress in western costume, and shoot single action revolvers, pistol caliber lever rifles, and side by side, pump or lever shotguns. Shooting is on the clock with penalties for misses and procedural errors. We schedule ten matches per year - 6 stages each match. 

Newbies - Want to try cowboy action shooting? You don't need the period clothes, alias, or old guns & ammo. Visitors and observers are always welcome at our monthly shoots. You can come out and shoot our guns and ammo. We will set you up for a trial stage or two after the match. Bring your best cowboy attitude, and your eye and ear protection.